FAQ: DualShock4 on PC (Mapping for MXS)

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Re: FAQ: DualShock4 on PC (Mapping for MXS)

Postby tymotoboy53 » Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:56 pm

Hey angel I just started having that issue as well. It worked for 2 days and then decided it was gonna stop working. Anyone please help!

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Re: FAQ: DualShock4 on PC (Mapping for MXS)

Postby lipps199 » Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:08 pm

BuryYourHead707 wrote:This FAQ will explain to you the different options you have connecting your DS4
to your PC, as well as how to use the DS4 properly with MXS.
Let's get started!

1) Connecting your DualShock4
There are two ways you can connect your DS4 controller to your PC.
A) Wired with a MicroUSB cable.
Plug it in and wait for the driver to install.
When you're done with the controller, just unplug it and set it aside.

B) Wireless with a Bluetooth stack. (Any BT will work, unlike DS3)
First you want to press and hold the "SHARE" button, then press and hold the "PS" button also
until the light-bar on the front of the controller starts blinking white.
Once your controller is blinking, go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers >
Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices and click "Add Device".
"Wireless Controller" should pop-up in the list of devices to add, so add that and wait for the drivers to be done installing.
When you're done using the controller, either hold the PS until the white light turns off, or disable the Bluetooth stack.

Now that we have the DS4 connected to our PC, we need to set it up properly for MXS. (That's why we got it right?!)

2) Setting up the DS4 for MXS
Because the DS4 doesn't have an official driver, or Xinput support, it uses DirectInput.
This causes both R2 and L2 triggers to perform as buttons and an analog axis.
This will prevent you from mapping the triggers in game to anything requiring analog.
Every other button works properly and can be mapped in-game, just not the triggers.

First thing you want to do is find your CONFIG file in your Personal Folder.
Once you have found it, open it with Notepad++ so we can edit a few things.

This is what my config looks like, I have the R2(axis 4) as Throttle, L2(axis 3) as Front brake.

Code: Select all

throttle_key=(-1.000000,1.000000)WirelessController axis 4
front_brake_key=(-1.000000,1.000000)WirelessController axis 3
rear_brake_key=(k)WirelessController button 0
left_key=(-0.062500,-0.937500)WirelessController axis 0
right_key=(0.062500,0.937500)WirelessController axis 0
clutch_key=(k)WirelessController button 4
upshift_key=(0.000000,-1.000000)WirelessController axis 5
downshift_key=(-0.000000,1.000000)WirelessController axis 5
dab_key=(k)WirelessController button 1
back_up_key=(k)WirelessController button 2
lean_forward_key=(-0.000000,1.000000)WirelessController axis 1
lean_backward_key=(-1.000000,1.000000)WirelessController axis 1
pause_key=(k)WirelessController button 13

So basically, remember that Axis 4 is the Right Trigger and Axis 3 is the Left Trigger.
That way you can map them wherever you want instead of just copy/pasting mine.

**!Analog Sensitivity!**
I noticed that some people who have tried the DS4 say that the "range of movement" or the sensitivity of
both the sticks and triggers are lesser than that of the DS3/X360 controllers. I can assure you that this is FALSE.
This controller has a much wider range of sensitivity that any other controller I've used. It all comes down to the
parameter is tied to the axis it the config.

Here is an example of the X360 parameters.

Code: Select all

throttle_key=(-0.062500,-0.937500)Controller(Xbox360WirelessReceiverforWindows) axis 2

Notice how the parameters are (-0.062500,-0.937500). (No Throttle, Full Throttle)
Because X360 uses Xinput, these parameters are fine for MXS, but the DS4 is going to deal with 1's and 0's.
We need to change (-0.062500,-0.937500) to (-1.000000,1.000000). -1 to 1 is the full range on both the analog sticks and triggers.
Make sure to apply these parameters to every axis in the config, then test in game.

Great! Now your DualShock 4 is ready to use with your PC and MXS!
Any game supporting Directinput will be able to use this controller, but you might have to find that
specific games' config to do the analog triggers.

As far as Xinput games, there is a program called x360ce that allows any controller
to be emulated as an X360 controller. I've never used the program yet, so unfortunately I can't go
into any detail on how it works. Here is the link: https://code.google.com/p/x360ce/
If there is a demand for an x360ce FAQ I will get familiar with it and make one.
Otherwise enjoy the best PC controller ever!! (besides kb/m XD)

I cannot locate my personal folder on my mac. Could yo uplease help me out?

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Re: FAQ: DualShock4 on PC (Mapping for MXS)

Postby motokid499 » Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:19 pm

I just switched to a ps4 controller and got it working properly but i have noticed somethinh interesting. Every single micro usb cord i try makes the game feel different.. Its like they all have their own amount of input lag. I have a gaming mouse with a detachable cord forexample, advertised as 1ms response. I had to use that cord because i lost my other micro usb. Mxs felt so weird and touchy when i switched cords, but i didnt think much of it. I switched back to my old micro usb when i found it, and the input felt so delayed. Now im trying every micro usb cord i can find and they all feel slightly different for the most part. Has anyone else noticed this? What kind of micro usb cord could i buy that has the least amount of input lag and where would i find it?
Tanner Rogers

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Re: FAQ: DualShock4 on PC (Mapping for MXS)

Postby zacknaveau85 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:16 am

sometimes when im playing my controller fucks up, i get this problem where the bike wont rev past 6000 rpm and it doesn't accelerate. something happens to the gas and brake and the only way to fix it is to close the game and start it back up.

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Re: FAQ: DualShock4 on PC (Mapping for MXS)

Postby TeamHavocRacing » Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:31 pm

I seriously can't believe Podium had an issue with somebody posting a thoroughly helpful post! Thanks! I need to make the switch.
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Re: FAQ: DualShock4 on PC (Mapping for MXS)

Postby TeamHavocRacing » Wed Jun 08, 2016 2:08 am

I've been getting this same disconnect. Kinda a hassle.
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Re: FAQ: DualShock4 on PC (Mapping for MXS)

Postby TeamHavocRacing » Wed Jun 08, 2016 2:11 am

In the comments... "connect the DS4 with USB-cable, then delete the controller from the system under device manager, then it pairs up"
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Re: FAQ: DualShock4 on PC (Mapping for MXS)

Postby sale_on_now » Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:17 am

Hey guys wondering if you could help me with this, I just switched from using a ds3 wired controller to ds4 using Bluetooth. I'm using Inputmapper to emulate a 360 controller. So my question is; do I need to do this trigger fix or is it unnecessary. I did feel a difference in the triggers when I switched over as part throttle or light throttle seemed to be very touchy. Any advice would be helpful here as i'm kind of struggling to get used to it.
Thanks in advance.

Gabriel Biondo
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Re: FAQ: DualShock4 on PC (Mapping for MXS)

Postby Gabriel Biondo » Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:58 pm

Hello Guys,
I have a macbook air and just i´m just not been able to play msx on ps4 controller.
As soon as i connect the controller and click to get into the game an error show up saying that:mx simulator found a serious problem and needed to be closed.It may be caused for a problem in the program or with winewq.
Im really looking forward to start gaming with ps4 controller.
Could anyone please help me ?
Thank you

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