Powerhouse Motorsports Warning

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Powerhouse Motorsports Warning

Postby sethiemeboi » Sat Feb 06, 2016 12:21 am

This is a "team" in this incredibly wonderful game the we all call Mx Simulator. this team is incredibly disrespectful and i just want to put this message out as a warning. they permanently banned me from their server for beating them in a race and when i tried to join again i got a message that said "banned for being a fucktard". they remarked the well known racial slure known as the "N" word. They are some salty dudes and im just warning you to go slow if you're on their server and dont say a word when in it, cause they'll find a way to ban you for a "good reason". they also made fun of my name and my team for no apparent reason.

the only reason why im putting this up here is because those "Powerhouse Motorsports" fellas are just total assholes so look out when you're in a server with 'em!

Thanks jlv (why not shout out)

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Re: Powerhouse Motorsports Warning

Postby VMX_SKYmx99 » Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:31 am

Did they call you names and hurt your feelings? I'm very sorry. The Internet is a cruel place. If only there was a way to escape all of that pain and embarrassment......

I'm sorry... I get it that you're mad, but dude, go to another server. Why play with people you don't like? What can jlv do? Ban them? I'm sure they would be devastated....

I'm not attacking you. Just trying to prove a point. Yes it's a game and should be fun for everyone. If it isn't, find new people to play with. Plain and simple.

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