Graphics Settings Guide

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Graphics Settings Guide

Postby Bacon » Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:55 am

I've noticed that there isn't really anything on what settings to use and what they do so I'm making this guide to give everyone an idea on what to use and what some settings do (I ain't no jlv). Do note that I have a good PC so I had to do testing on a badly optimized track so you will have to mess with a few things yourself.

I recommend setting up Nvidia Control Panel if you have not already as it can improve performance.
Click Here for some settings.
Credit To: Hi Im Skyqe

What this setting does is it changes the quality of the terrain so whether it looks like Minecraft or Crysis 3.

For this setting use anything above 25.
I recommend 50 - 60.
If you ride competitively I recommend that you use at least 50 to properly see ruts.

What these settings do is they change the quality of the ground textures. The resolution changes the resolution of the textures obviously and the levels change the quality of the textures on top of that.

For these settings you must play around with them as your GPU is the factor on what setting you can run.
I recommend 6 - 7 for the levels and 512x512 for the resolution.

To find what settings to use download a track with high quality textures and if you have a decent PC set your texture resolution to 512x512 or if you have a pretty bad PC set it to 256x256 go lower if you have a really bad PC and lower your texture levels until you don't get any stuttering. You should lower your resolution if you have to go below 6 texture level and lower this if you get to 64x64.

Do note that these setting shouldn't affect framerate badly so run your levels just below the highest setting your PC can run but if it does affect framerate do lower as necessary.

This setting blurs textures that are far away.

I recommend that you set this to yes as it can improve performance and you won't notice it while riding. (set it to no for screenshots though).

This setting I assume compresses the textures and makes track loading faster don't trust me on this though.

I recommend that you use yes for this as using no may increase load times and always adds weird colours to the textures.

I don't really have an idea what this setting does sorry 'bout that.

I recommend that you use shaders/direct as it gave me the most stable framerate although using others didn't really impact performance.

This setting enables some shader stuff on the GPU.

I recommend that you use yes as it gives a performance boost and there isn't any downside.

These settings change the quality of models such as tough blocks and riders.

I haven't tested this on large races but I recommend that you try to stay above 25 geometric detail and again the texture detail depends on your GPU but I would try stay above 6 if you can handle it and I would recommend 10 for those with decent PC's.

This setting is pretty obvious but it changes how much dust comes from the bike.

This barely affects performance but I recommend 0 or at least a very low setting to stop it from covering your view.

This adds lens flares to lights.

I recommend that you use Off for this as on some supercross tracks the light is blinding and makes it impossible to ride. Also the lens flare only seems to apply to lights added to tracks.

This setting enables or disables reflections.

I don't have a track that uses this or it probably doesn't even do anything no idea... I would just leave it Off in case of distractions.

My Settings I have my model settings max as I haven't played in any large races with these settings yet but you would lower the geometric detail setting first as the texture also lowers your bikes textures.
My specs for anyone wondering.
    GTX 980Ti
    i7 6700k
    16GB ram
Sorry I couldn't really add more insight on some settings as I don't have many brain in me.

Thanks for stopping by :mrgreen:

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