Lowering the rear end of the bike

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Lowering the rear end of the bike

Postby Finalmushroom » Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:30 am

Hello all,

I'm in need of some advice.

Overall I love my suspension set up (It's Kellen's 2017 set up he posted from earlier this year). It's what I started the game with and I'm used to it (I've only been playing since June this year).
However, I feel like the rider is leaning too hard onto the handlebars and if I could tweak what I have I could possibly become a little bit better and more ultimately more comfortable.

I feel like I could:
1. Play with the preload and put more load onto the spring but I feel like whenever I play with this setting I get unfavorable results.
2. Lighten the rear spring so it compresses more from the 175lb (I ride a 450F) rider.
3. I don't think this would work but I could stiffen the front fork a little to prevent the shock from going down into the stroke as much. I feel like this would stiffen it up too much and would compromise my overall feel.
4. Lastly, I could adjust the rear (High/Low) compression softening the shock allowing for it to sit deeper into its stroke.

My rider distribution is .43 (I used to have it at .46/.47 and it was a similar front heavy feel). Having the rider sit/stand further back on the bike won't help me (It just makes turning harder and make sliding out easier).

Attached are (my) advanced and suspension set ups.
As I said, I do not claim the suspension set up as it is Kellen's and I think the fall off time was Jesse Mullins from like a 2015 video on his Youtube I found learking somewhere.
Also, the advanced set up is not fully mine and was from a few pro's on Youtube and more recently Tylyn's who also as a Youtube video I got it from (Amazing changes by the way. lol). I took bits and pieces from a few people and made a few touches of my own that I liked how they felt.

For reference of how fast I am, my fastest time on the JGSX track Hidden Pine SX is a: 58.9
On average my laps are about a 1:00 to 1:02 on a 450f.

Any Ideas I would greatly appreciate it.


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