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Re: OBS Help

Postby Osari52 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:26 am

Matias43_ wrote:I saw on kellens stream this was happening too.
osari52 wrote:

how did u fix it?

I also just switched to ShadowPlay after several failed attempts at making OBS work. Seems to be something about lack of compatibility between OBS and MXS. Nothing about it makes sense to me though. MXS was taking up about 25% of my Graphics card and OBS took up about 5%. I have 8GB of RAM and only 3.7 of it was being used. Nothing was being throttled or anything. My PC was acting like everything was completely fine, OBS ran steady, it was just MXS having an aneurysm. I don't get it but hopefully my new PC will fix the problem whenever I get it.
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