I have lost a track! I need to find it :(

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I have lost a track! I need to find it :(

Postby marc512 » Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:33 pm

Hi there. Years ago (at least 3 years ago) I used to race on a track with a friend. It was a small arena cross style track. It looked like it was set in someones back garden. Lap times were around 30-40 seconds. I put thousands of hours on it. I never played anything else and because I only ever selected it in the menu once, I totally forgot the name of it.
It wasn't a fast track. It had the start straight, hairpin left, high but slow jump, hairpin right then some loops, then a tricky left hander with some ruts, a couple of jumps down a straight, then a long left hander to a jump over the finishing line. The track is as clear as day in my head but I cannot for the life of me find it on the website. I remember I found it on the MX simulator forum. It was put up that day I downloaded it because it had the new icon next to it. But this was way back 3 or more years ago.

I probably sound stupid but someone might know what track I am talking about. It was a very well made track with lots of attention to details. I don't know if it was based of a real track or not.


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