Rear Shock Set up

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Rear Shock Set up

Postby Finalmushroom » Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:46 am

Hello guys,

I'm looking for some suggestions for the rear shock. I kept feeling like my rear end was high and ended up getting used to it but I was noticing it was effecting my traction as well and so I would like to play with it.

So I was running 69 spring rate and 55 preload.
I now am trying a 46, 40 which I feel is still bouncy (Allows me to hit triples in rhythms) but gives me more traction through and tracks in corners better. I'm holding all other variables constant and I'm not sure if making changes to the dampening/rebound could help my case as well.

I'm still playing with it to see what I like what I'm curious what you guys think and why.

I'm on a 250 4f if it matters.


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