Its that time of year again! Lets talk St Jude 2018

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Re: Its that time of year again! Lets talk St Jude 2018

Postby Motoagogo » Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:55 am

Thought I would give a quick update to the plans I have for this year as of right now.

*This year will be a "Best Of" year. I will use the 3 best tracks from the past 3 years of St Jude and a random wild card track that will be approved.

*We have some great sponsors this year! Everything from gift cards to NutUp, to money, to shirts will be given out to winners of the event. Giving back to say thank you for helping a great cause.

*Event should run from May 4th through he 25th on Friday nights. This can always change btw, just an idea of timing and such.

I will add more when we get closer to crunch time to get everything in order. Thank you everyone for keeping this charity series one of the games favorites. Any ideas you may have please post it here or send me a PM.

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