Who else loves getting the 2018 Sx tracks rutted!?

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Do you love really rutted Sx tracks?

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Who else loves getting the 2018 Sx tracks rutted!?

Postby Finalmushroom » Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:55 am

What's up guys?

Who else loves the erode system in game? I personally love it! It changes the track (both for the good and for the bad) but it's fun to see different lines appear and it adds more of a thinking element to the game IMO.

Just a quick example of a lap on Atlanta around 15 laps. I normally do 20 to get it even more so rutted but I'm tired. lol.
Erode is 8 which is my favorite when I'm playing by my self.

I'm excited for some rough outdoors with the send it type of game play!! Cheers.


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