I came back....

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I came back....

Postby PepTalk » Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:08 pm

I previously played and stopped playing after about 3 weeks. Just barely being able to get around, but with no consistency. I got it in me to try again and after 2 days, I'm finally completing laps without falling FINALLY. I got the JGMX grassy knoll track and it helped worlds with improving control/feel and now I'm slowly chomping through the rF motocross tracks and shockingly doing well (love me some thunder valley).

I'm still slow though ;p

Absolutely loving it feeling quite a bit more in control than my previous effort. Last time around I kept grinding on SX tracks and just never made enough progress to enjoy the game. Switching over to the nooby tracks that were designed to give you a safer practice realm was everything I needed. Super grateful. I feel like I'm finally entering that frustrating world of trying to trim down 2:50 runs to 2:00 runs. But at least I'm not falling every corner/jump now ;p

As a "fresh" player, I obviously have felt the new consumer learning curve. I feel like if there were a "practice" mode that let you load a map with no time trial, no AI, nothing but you and hte track and enabled the use of a "RESET" button, you'd have people sticking to this game more because they'd be able to learn it faster. Fall over? instant recovery. Practicing whips? No worries, keep launching from same point.

Just food for thought. It'd have helped me stick it out last time around had those been features.

Love love love love love this game.

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