Sliding out Issues

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Re: Sliding out Issues

Postby kawasaki22db » Thu May 10, 2018 12:51 am

Finalmushroom wrote:
kawasaki22db wrote:
Finalmushroom wrote:
You play on the PC I'm assuming? I've been playing on the Xbox because I've got a couple of buddies who live out of town and that's all they have.
I need to man up and get it for the PC too. The new maps and now the sick update with the new attachments and scopes just embarrasses the Xbox version of the game.
+ FPS and the graphics of course. lol.

Yeah im pc lol and it is way better for sure. I actually used my xbone controller because I just started playing pc games other than sim in the last few months and I never knew the huge disadvantage I was at using the controller and not keyboard and mouse.

Yeah my brother was telling me that the other day. What Dr.Disrespect and Shoud! Those dudes with the mouse are beast. Even seeing great Xbox players they don't even come close to the mouse and keyboard. lol.

Yeah those two are insane lol
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