The Mx Simulator Hub - New Forum In the works

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The Mx Simulator Hub - New Forum In the works

Postby BcMxKx37 » Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:10 am

The Mx Simulator Hub

Image - Not yet completed but still accessible.

Hi all, Just want to post this on behalf of a few people that have been working on creating a new website Mainly based on MXS but there will be forum topics and post's as time goes on, Involving other games and a vast variety of content for those games.

The idea behind the new website is to bring people from all types of other games, Bring them together and get the MXS name better noticed, now I'm well aware of the fact people saying "We don't need another MXS Forum" But in my case you get pretty fed up of the same bland stuff everytime you jump online to browse the forums.

The Mxs community is so strong, yes it has its up and downs and its problems but at the end of it all, everywhere that stuff is posted is so bland and a little bit boring in my opinion, Yes the forums are incredible because of the usability is so basic and easy to follow, but new people want to see something fresh especially now days.

The forum isn't set out to replace the original sim forums as I doubt that it ever will, but it's going to be used for people that want to further there content a little further throughout the gaming industry.

There is a huge list of rules set out on the forums which you can find here ... 954cc3165e

It would be awesome to give everyone in sim the chance to learn and grow from in, MXS has a huge variety of content creators, that are all extremely talented and it would be awesome to have a forum fresh for them to post and to help other people that are interested in following or going down a similar road.

There has been talk about seeing places like RF and mostly talked about EMF Shutting shop towards the end of 2018 and its a little bit scary I suppose for anyone that plays this game competitively cause it could quite mean the game could or will die out, we haven't yet got server's and racing up and running but the plan is to build that over the next few months, But not only that but also having servers up for several other games that people from sim can all get into and enjoy.

I would like to thank anyone and everyone that joins you're all more than welcome no one is not welcome on the forums, And it follows a list of strict set rules that need to be followed to ensure that everyone can have an enjoyable time, the bans are a little bit more lenient and not quite as harsh as some forums are.

Any questions feel free to PM me on either here or PM our Admins on the forums!

Please respect the forums, and please try your hardest to help anyone out in need.! that's the big plan behind it all!

Thank you all.!

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Re: The Mx Simulator Hub - New Forum In the works

Postby DABZZZ » Sat Sep 08, 2018 3:39 pm

There’s a better way to accomplish what you’re going for aside from stomping on peoples toes.

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