Are you looking for a team?

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Are you looking for a team?

Postby slothy56 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 9:37 pm

Hello i'm here to try and advertise my team that is looking for 2 riders (possibly 4). We currently have 6 team members (Including me and my Co-Owner) and are looking for rookie/Amateur riders. Our team is mainly based on having fun and getting better at the game as well as offering as much support in that as possible. We host 5 training session in a week (except from this month November as we are doing a team only race series for the month. Expect more of these private championships) where we will do Monday - Friday 8 PM GMT. We are mainly looking for British riders however any other riders that can speak English are accepted also as we do have people from USA, Canada, France and the UK (so far).

Joining the team we can also on top of offering the training sessions offer kit and bikes with your number on (your number will be on a range of kits as well as your name + personal butt patch. Your number will be on a 125, 250 4stroke, 250 2stroke and 450. If you ride a 350 we can sort that out too)

The discord link is here:

Leave a message in the general chat saying that you would like to join the team and we will get back to you! :D

If this does not work for you add me on discord: Zelpha#6320

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