Setup for the beginners

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Setup for the beginners

Postby awraskins » Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:18 am

Senspension and gearing:
Fork High Comp Damp: 89
Fork Low Comp Damp: 84
Fork High rebound damp: 84
Fork low round damp: 84
Spring rate: 60
Preload: 40
Oil level: 60

Shock High Comp Damp: 95
Shock Low Comp Damp: 95
Shock High rebound damp: 80
Shock low round damp: 80
Spring rate: 30
Preload: 40

CS sprocket: -1
Rear sprocket: 1

Vertical Spring: 90
Vertical Damp: 45

Forward Spring: 75
Forward damp: 45

Mass Dist: .44

Honestly, don't expect to be rippin on this setup, I used it in the beginning so I could be more consistent. .44 Mass Dist should help in corner and 75 Forward Spring I feel like helped me stay smooth through the rough. I almost feel like this setup is terrible when it comes to exit speed and accelerating but that might just be in my head. Once I got used to it I start to shift forward spring up to 90 and mass dist to .48. Tweaking compression and damping for the suspension too. if you wanna go fast then its probably not for you, its for the squids that dump every corner.

Don't really think my adv stability would affect this way so just tune that baby to how you like

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Re: Setup for the beginners

Postby Finalmushroom » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:19 pm

I think that having a low mass really helps! I run .41. lol. I feel like I really can lay it over but as you mention traction is an issue. As well as straight line stability, I feel like the bike wonders more with a low mass. Really interesting!

I think this is great for beginners or for people who play occasionally like me!


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