Registration key issue (slightly different problem to the usual)

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Registration key issue (slightly different problem to the usual)

Postby Grosser » Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:15 pm

So I'm back to my beloved MX Sim after a couple years off and I'm trying to get my hands back on the full game. I thought I was meant to download the demo and then apply the registration key from there but when I go to do that it says "Sorry that feature is not available in this version of MX Simulator". So that's my problem, I have my email from JV from back in March 2012 when I last had to ask for it so there's no issues there I'm just trying to find how the heck I actually put it in. Hopefully this is a quick fix and I can delete this thread before it clogs things up unnecessarily. Thanks in advance guys.

**I did use the search bar but everything relating to "registration" seems to be people who've lost their keys which isn't my problem and there's 110 pages to sort through and they all seem to be variations of the same question.
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Re: Registration key issue (slightly different problem to the usual)

Postby jlv » Tue Jan 22, 2019 2:19 am

You can't upgrade the demo with a key. Check your private messages.
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