Looking for a team

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Looking for a team

Postby Wardy » Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:50 pm

Im a Privateer, only due to my old team folding (JMC Motorsports) i am a reasonably quick AM, i want to be a top AM running top 5 most rounds by next season, i am on the game every day of the week, im racing EMF this season and the next, i really want a team to pick me up and i definitely wont disappoint.

Name - James Ward
Age - 18
UID - 22013
Race Number - 233
Amateur or Pro - AM
Best finish - 8th
How much do you plan on racing next year - Every round
Personal goals - To become a top AM
Are you talented in other areas of the game? Screenshots, modeling, media, etc - No, but im learning
Discord - Wardy#7866

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