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Want to get in the General Loop of things

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:55 am
by Paintballer27
Hello! I have purchased this game about a week or so ago and i have had a lot of fun grinding and teaching myself how to play the game i think that i have been doing well so far but i have a couple of questions:
1. I don't have photoshop and i really want to see my name and my number on my jersey and bike i think that would be awesome, is there a different way to do this?
2. I saw when i was making this forum account that i could choose like a sponsor, is there any way that i can like talk to a team or something (lol im sorry for being a HUGE noob).

If i could get any help with this that would be awesome! I look forward to grinding this game further and getting better day by day! :D