Tryna Meeting People

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Tryna Meeting People

Postby Smscott » Fri Nov 22, 2019 9:22 pm

Hi, so my name is Simon , I'm 15 years old , and I have had MX Sim for about 3 days , I race B class in real life on two 2018 KTM's one a 125cc and one a 250cc, I'm really just looking for a group of people to play with and talk to and maybe learn more about the game, I'm a pretty quick learner and am getting pretty good at the game and might want to get on a team of some sorta and get competitive , but right now I just wanna find a group of people to play with and teach me some stuff and idrc about the age lol. So yea follow me on Instagram @sscott418 and shoot me a DM or something . I'm usually pretty good about answering, ight. peace

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