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2B-One GasGas Racing

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 9:47 pm
by JarnoBleekman
Hey guys,

As some people know I started my own team on mx simulator ( 2B-One Racing ) the most of you will know that it's difficult to work your way up as a little team. Next year we are trying to turn things arround and want to perform on the pro level on Mx simulator. For sure that isn't working without some good and motivated players. If you like to ride for us and want to try this new adventure just let us know and send us a message. We're riding the new Gas Gas bikes that just came out. I always have a good skinner behind ( Patrick Klein Baltink ) who is always getting things ready before the season. Patrick and I always work good together so that will be good. Together we have quiet some experience working with teams and having our own team, also in real life so that's good.
Message me if you're interested !

Discord; Jarnobleekman#2568

Shout out to Mart Gerritsen for the logo, he can make a cheap logo for you to! Discord; MurdG#0042