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3DS MAX to Blender to MXS units conversion

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:48 pm
by Jamie T
If you're like me, and you're creating your objects in 3DS MAX, you may find it interesting to know how you'd accurately scale your objects, so that they're the correct size once they appear in the game. Hopefully some of you will find this useful, as it was something that was really bugging me, and there was no information that I could find on the forum...

First of all it's important to note that, 1 Blender metre = 1 MX Sim foot.

When it comes to exporting from 3DS Max, I am exporting as .OBJ format, and using the Blender preset, which has a scale value of 0.1

After you import your .OBJ file into Blender, you will need to scale your object to a value of 0.8333333 (type as many 3's as you can).

To finish off, it's also important to hit [Ctrl + A] - (apply), then click "Scale".

Therefore by following this method, 1 3DS Max foot = 1 MX Sim foot.

Re: 3DS MAX to Blender to MXS units conversion

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:04 am
by SMR 510RR
There is an easier way. If you set your 3ds units to generic units you can export at 1:1 and it imports the correct size. I did have to use your method a couple times when I forgot to switch my units and finished making something, I just dont like it since there are infinite 3's there is some error no matter what you do. Also make sure to uncheck the box under optimize for vertex so that your edge splits wont automatically weld...That took a little while for me to figure out.

Like I said in the normal map thread PM me if you need any help or I can give you my Skype. Good to have some more productive members on MXS for sure.

Re: 3DS MAX to Blender to MXS units conversion

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 10:14 am
by Jamie T
Great, thanks for the tip!

So, for anyone using the Generic units in 3DS MAX, set your OBJ export preset to - NONE. Then you're good to go.