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Re: tileinfo info

Postby checkerz » Fri May 18, 2018 11:17 pm

jlv wrote:
checkerz wrote:
jlv wrote:Maybe try erode_upper 100 and erode_displacement 1. The radius is really small though. It's gonna be choppy.

Will do. To make sure I'm understanding correctly, the radius is the width of the terrain affected by the tire correct (both up and down)? So 3.5 feet being effected by an 8 inch tire seems on the big side already or am I missing something? Or just is on the small side for what the game can handle?

Sounds like I have more testing to do :?

That was what I originally thought - that the only effect was the tires directly moving dirt around through roost. That's why the original roost based erode algorithm worked so poorly. I think it was actually you that straightened me out on that. There was a video that someone posted (I thought it was you) that was a fixed camera filming a berm. Every time a rider hit it you could see the entire berm move well beyond where the tires touched it. It was visibly moving several feet away from the direct contact and I'm sure it was imperceptibly affected even further than that.

So the new system tries to model it more like clay being squished around. Imagine you draw a grid on some clay and then push the center of the grid in some random direction. The radius is the max distance where the grid would be distorted by the force.

Perfect. That makes way more sense. So is the “inner erode” more the tire digging down?

So many more things to test, but my August I bet we will have some badass settings

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Re: tileinfo info

Postby jlv » Sat May 19, 2018 9:56 pm

checkerz wrote:Perfect. That makes way more sense. So is the “inner erode” more the tire digging down?

Yes. The inner radius distributes to the outer radius so it's similar to removing material assuming the outer radius is large enough.
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