2019 Fox Gear SAF - Ty Lynch

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2019 Fox Gear SAF - Ty Lynch

Postby Nex285 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:28 pm

2019 Fox Gear Sets - 4k

Posting for Tyra Lynch

These are Ty's versions of the 2019 Fox Gear Featuring.
19' 360 Kila
19' 360 Murc
19' Royl Flexair
19' Airline
Including Gloves for all
(Link removed - jlv)

If you would Like to Contact Tyra Lynch you can do so Via Discord or Facebook
(Contact info removed - jlv)

For any of the information on the PSD Please feel free to contact Tyra!
180 Gear is also Coming soon.

"Any Feedback Is Awesome This is my first set of gear from scratch and I'd like to improve my work for the community."
Cheers Ty Lynch ilabb.com
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Re: 2019 Fox Gear SAF - Ty Lynch

Postby ~~NedDolan75~~ » Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:29 pm

Clean dude!!!

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Re: 2019 Fox Gear SAF - Ty Lynch

Postby FryPinch65 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:41 pm

That’s sweet

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Re: 2019 Fox Gear SAF - Ty Lynch

Postby Ashe » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:30 pm

Very nice i heard its licensed too!!!

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