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Qualifying Mode

Postby Mxkid823 » Sat May 13, 2017 1:39 am

This may seem irrelevant, but I think it would bring out a bit more realism for nationals and supercross races. My idea would be that based on where the timing gates are placed, I imagine lining up on the start straight just like pro and am races in real life with a flag that waves to indicate the session started. Have some type of billboards for the posts in the ground and banners marking the point where you have to be passed the gate when you take off. This is by no means necessary, and I'm trying not to generate hate from it, it's just a suggestion to increase realism in qualifying servers that may seem like too much work for just aesthetic.

I also think that some indication of people coming up on you after a fall would be helpful to the people in qualifying servers that are clueless. Now this is something that aggravates me a lot because people fall over and then get up and try to race you as you come up on them, while you're on a hot lap rather than just pulling off to the side like most do irl.

Lastly, maybe position in these races wouldn't be as relevant as would be the position based on lap time. Qualifying servers are meant to simulate the 15 minute session the pros do so I think being able to see how your lap time compares would be cooler especially if servers are split up by skill for rF all summer like they have been in previous series. This way when you cross the line you can see how many spots you picked up in time. No one cares about who wins practice, at least from what I've heard. It's all about that lap time.

I hope this doesn't seem petty, it was just on my mind. If this has been suggested before, I apologize. Thanks

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