More Erode Fine Tuning Suggestions :)

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More Erode Fine Tuning Suggestions :)

Postby D_ROY178 » Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:50 am

I know its a bit early to be bitching about the erode online thing, which btw many thx to jlv for that <3

But I was thinking maybe when you join a server, simliar to the laps thing in chat when a server restarts, or even in the top left with your time and ping and sit/ dab stuffssss, that it tells you the level of erode currently set on the server.

Eg. (In top left of screen)

Ping: 5ms
Time: 00.00
Erode: 10

Or in chat:

10 Laps
Erode 10

This is probs a stupid suggestion but please feel obliged to tell me if its complete trash, or actually a good idea :)
I would hope for the latter of the two :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: More Erode Fine Tuning Suggestions :)

Postby yeezy » Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:14 am

+1 would be nice to know what the erode is set too.

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