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Re-direct to your Rider

Postby VUSTTOS » Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:02 pm

The point of this topic is to suggest another feature to be able to press a key or bottom and make the game redirect to our rider's perspective and/or choose a rider's camera to see.

Actually the game give us the option to <<previous bike>> and <<next bike>> to be able to see other riders camera or just see who is in front or behind us. I do think we use this feature a lot in the starting gate to see who is racing and also when we crash to see who is in front or behind. It's really usefull but sometimes stressfull as we quickly wanna go back to our camera and we end up loosing more time.

• In this pic below you can see what the game currently offers us to do. -depends if you have selected the keyboard or controller-
So the idea would be to add another feature:
Re-direct camera - Up arrow.

By pressing the UP Arrow, the game would automaticly change to our camera when we are in other palyer's perspective.

• Seeing we still have an arrow left -down- a good idea to make it useful too is to be able to make the game automaticly go to X rider's camera. Doesn't matter if X rider is in front or behind, just go directly to his perspective. This would be useful in scenarios where we are racing with a friend in a full gate race or when we are battling for a championship position with a certain rider.

Lets say we type in chat: /chooseplayer dungey
The game automaticlly reads every players name until it detects the word. (Ryan Dungey | KTM Redbull).

That would probably be the easiest for us the players but maybe the easiest for you JLV would be to make it work with the UID:
/chooseplayer 22135.

Let's say we are in 2nd position and Dungey is in 17th. We just need to type ↓ to go and see where Dungey is and type ↑ to go back to our camera and keep racing.

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