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Community & Organisation

Postby Dumbbelly29 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:25 pm


I've made my fair share of mistakes with many people here though please read this with an unbiased POV...

Over the past few years the releases to this game have began to slow down, creators are now reluctant to release anything to the game and the community as a whole has built up a reputation for being un-trustworthy and greedy... having only released a handful of things myself i don't feel like i can speak for the most well known & reputable creators for this game though after spending many years on the forums i get the idea that they are sick of their work not being appreciated.

Not just speaking about bike creators here, track creators & anyone else that provides input to the game helping it progress. I have roughly 1200 downloads on the Honduki frankenstein bike i put together (using other peoples kindly allowed parts)(i did make the petrol cap)(Broland 'fixed' it for me)(i think he actually remodelled it and pretended it was the one i sent him) ... but nowhere near that amount of feedback. I can't imagine how many times the top creators content has been downloaded with total disregard to the person behind it. You don't have to tell them that their bottom end smells fantastic... just tell them what you think... if they are prepared to spend hours working on something for you to enjoy, why can't you take a couple minutes to write a response to their post?

I saw a post a while ago that i thought was a great idea... it was 'abandoned projects' why not let something you've lost interest in inspire someone else?

but then i never returned to that... as i thought there is a high chance that anything posted in there could get finished, some with very little work... and then sold by the person that finished them. if i KNEW for a fact no one would profit from anything i released for free on here i would release a lot more. I'm not saying the projects i have are great tbh i can just about hang with ams, but i believe source files released for free are done so to help the game progress... source files, png, psd, blend, obj, tracks & anything else not protected via encryption comes under this. If someone releases a source file for free then i don't think another should be allowed to make any kind of modification to that file & proceed to profit from it. I know the lawful terms of this are very different but in terms of being fair to the original creator... an example... if i were to spend a great amount of time learning how to model, and then put that time into creating a complete bike model for this game... i would end up having most likely spent 100+ hours... now if i decide to release that for free - would i want someone making an edit to it that takes maybe 5 hours total... but then profiting from my work by selling it? nope.

I know also this may not be the case for everyone, some people don't mind this - but there needs to be a way of ensuring that whatever the creators choice it is made clear at the time of posting... and anyone that goes against their wishes gets frowned upon... or a more thought out punishment. the forums could also do with a bit of a sort out... maybe add sub sections to models & skins for 'game ready' & source' & 'game ready' allow an extra option when posting in game ready/source to check if you agree for any part of your content to be re-distributed for profit or not, & to what extent of modification & crediting etc is required prior to the re-distribution. for old posts, a new rule where people are required to ask to creator the above question and if they don't receive any response the assumed answer is no - or a mass mail to all OP in model & skins asking the question.... IDK.... but this would solve or at least help the 'where is psd?' & 'it doesn't work in game what is blend' disease to fade away.

I don't have any problem whatsoever with anyone that profits from their own work on content for this game - and chose to keep the source files private or paid... but if any kind of free version is released, especially released with advertising.. can we please keep this separate from everything else? it used to be normal to look on the forums and see something new released you were able to customise to personalise your game... nowadays its more normal to be told to 'pm for psd' then asked for $$ when doing so... Whilst we appreciate your work on this game, and the content you release is great... it's a downer getting hyped for a release to find out you have to pay for dat sweet psd... paid content has a place... just not mixed in with the free content.

None of my solutions even i think are perfect, any OG/Respected creators feel free to shoot all my theories and ideas to pieces, but i know i'm not the only one thinking something has to be done...

I made a discord just now, i'll be sorting it out nice & neat soon.. the rules will be listed.. all types of creators are welcome & all levels of ability... putting people down on their work is banned with 0 tolerance, constructive criticism is encouraged... I'm no top 5 am but can definitely help some people get better in photoshop/blender but join up no matter your skillset, text channels can be created accordingly... editers/renderers/modellers/skinners/trackmakers/gangsters idk... it's basically a place where people can learn, in a slightly more relaxed environment than the mx sim forums..

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Re: Community & Organisation

Postby Mcguire103 » Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:01 am

thanks for takin the time to make a discord i think thats pretty cool idea.
actually i am never suprised to see a dope model or something get released and it gets a couple of comments, yet over thousands of downloads
its a weird little community of bitches if you ask me.
to cool to say thankyou, yet to cool to make ther own shit.
i seen posts about people getting mad over not enough people commenting on there team release post. which probably took a whole 10 minutes.
so i cant imagine how some people feel when they spend so many hours on something for people to just not give a shit about. but man there is just not many people who make 3d so hopefully at some point we will get a new wave of guys that are into 3d not just to make $ but because they love it and want community to be rad.
you know, you could release a perfect bike with all files and there will still be people to bitch and there will still be people making money off it somehow.
everyone think they entitled to someshit
plus its like andy said. %90 of community dont give a shit about details/quality just feed em some plastics eh


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Re: Community & Organisation

Postby Jim Kinson » Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:48 am

Mcguire103 wrote:Image

That photo has me dying :lol: :lol:

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Re: Community & Organisation

Postby broland278 » Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:41 pm

I like this post, even though not involved much with game anymore

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Re: Community & Organisation

Postby Sabo » Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:41 pm

I made the abandoned projects thread and it died QUICK. Shame.
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