Decal grouping and erode

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Decal grouping and erode

Postby vmaki » Sat May 05, 2018 6:27 pm

Here is an idea to help erode pop more visually.

Decals would have group number asigned to them. 1 would be the decal group as they are now in the game. 2 would be a masked group of decals or a particular masked decal that has been asigned to a particular group 1 decal. Group 2 would be unmasked by an unmaskmap2 that would be constantly updated as erosion creates difference in the heightmap. There could be a group 3 also that would be the same as group 2 but instead of heightmap difference the unmaskmap3 would record the tyre paths.

Here are some example decals file lines that might hopefully shed some light to my thinking.

Decals file line as it is now:

Code: Select all

[266.635193 384.566376] 3.090670 32.000000 1.000000 @example/decal/dirt.png

Decals file lines with groups and decal placement how it is now:

Code: Select all

[266.635193 384.566376] 3.090670 32.000000 1.000000 @example/decal/topsoil.png 1
[266.635193 384.566376] 3.090670 32.000000 1.000000 @example/decal/beneathtopsoil.png 2
[266.635193 384.566376] 3.090670 32.000000 1.000000 @example/decal/tyrepath.png 3

Decals file line with dedicated decal grouping:

Code: Select all

[266.635193 384.566376] 3.090670 32.000000 1.000000 @example/decal/topsoil.png @example/decal/beneathtopsoil.png @example/decal/tyrepath.png

Im not sure how tyre paths are made in those couple new titles. The way I suggest tyre paths to be unmasked would not allow that.

And a picture. Green is heightmap erosion difference (unmaskmap2) and blue is tyre path (unmaskmap3).

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Re: Decal grouping and erode

Postby yzmxer608 » Sat May 05, 2018 9:56 pm

This would be pretty cool, and help visually see the lines easier. I was thinking the other day how to do this currently just with the sequence files for something like blue groove on flat track, then I remembered a comment by JLV about that viewtopic.php?p=540965#p540965.

I know there was also a script to lay new decals based on rider lines, but I think that would only work for creating a track not live.
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Re: Decal grouping and erode

Postby jlv » Sun May 06, 2018 1:07 am

I'd probably just add a tileinfo setting that gives a decal to drop when the bike rolls over it. The only problem is the terrain textures are cached, which makes it fast even with thousands of decals, but slow to update.
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Re: Decal grouping and erode

Postby ColtonD719 » Sun May 06, 2018 4:09 am

vmaki wrote:Here is an idea to help erode pop more visually.

I like the unmasking idea a lot. It would allow variation and creativity in terms of what the ridden areas look like, as well as allow the new lines to fade in gradually. It would be great if you could also define what at what height map depth the "beneathtopsoil" layer is 100% revealed, so you can control how quickly the lines appear. It also would allow you to use normal sized decals for the beneathtopsoil layer.

It seems like any decals dropped directly by the bike would have to be tiny (i.e., the size of the contact patch), so aesthetically you'd have to be careful it doesn't look weird when repeated thousands and thousands of times over the course of a moto. I guess something like this might work ok at a low opacity:

The above example would require that the rotation of the decal is alined with the direction of the bike. Also, while using a lower opacity would allow the marks to fade in gradually, obviously the above decal example wouldn't look good once enough lines got stacked up as you'd just end up with a black line. Another approach might be to use a mostly or even completely transparent decal with a normal map.

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Re: Decal grouping and erode

Postby Andy_Hack » Sat May 12, 2018 12:45 am

ColtonD719 wrote:Image

Tire marks would have to look like this to get a really smooth result. (just a quick example)
I picture it like that, the tire draws a vector line and creates a smooth line like in Photoshop, it'd also be nice to be able to inlucde a tiny (16x or 32x) png for any wheel model, including front and rear wheel, but I guess a universal tire mark for backtires and fronttires would work too.
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