Terrain, different.

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Terrain, different.

Postby Duckstream » Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:31 pm

Yeah probably sayd this but heres something,

I would like the game to have the ability to change the ammount of erode ingame while entering different soils etc.
so you just code (give a simple normal erode command in the terrain file) that allows you to change what ever you want on it, so the scale can be like, how deep and how fast it makes the lines,
this how you could ride on track, entering sand you feel its sand cause the tires sink more and you feel less grip, (well feeling can be created now but the visual side and the realism)
That would be like the first thing i want after rider fall off (wich is in my mind in progress)
to have a solid base for terrain deformation.
I dont know how we could host a 30 player event then but i think its ok cause it can be done in real life, why not here?
we could make sx tracks etc be after rain tracks so it would be HARD to ride, or normal tracks that just deform in a different way.
i my self would love to race online and feel racing, when you see some dude plast a rut and you couldt make it anymore cause he was a noob and fell, you need to find lines to get over hard spots etc.
I think it could bring more realism ingame, but at the same time, it could cause problems since not everyone can handle it i think??

But thats my suggestion, maybe i post another one when i get the rigth words for it :)

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Re: Terrain, different.

Postby jlv » Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:58 pm

That's already there.

This sets how much the roost will dig into the ground when track erosion is enabled.
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