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Re: Crashing

Postby Finalmushroom » Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:37 am

Hi Im Skyqe wrote:
Finalmushroom wrote:
808 wrote:in real life you don't even need suspension at all to jump like that and be fine, you could literally go to walmart and buy a princess mountain bike and it'll work better than this game's suspension. If the game has gotten to the point where you have to buy better suspension setups to be competitive, there's no wonder it's dying

Preach fam!! I just am tired chancing my tail with settings. It's a simulator I guess. IRL I honestly have my suspension dialed after a few practice sessions. I ride for 20 minutes, dial, and repeat. It's easy and my IRL set up works for a majority of tracks (I rode three different tracks in socali in the same week on the same set up) and it felt great in all conditions. This game is very specific and I appreciate the level of detail that went into it but it seems like it's counter productive IMO. I'd rather get dialed (Myself, and not some asshole making set ups in his mom's basement or some pro selling some fake ass set up so the bitch can buy a bag of weed shit) and ride. lol.

The GIF of Devin that is being used is something many have complained about for years. Doesn't matter what suspension you have, you will falloff because of the high momentum and very sudden impact on just the rear tire.. Falloff force is the issue there, JLV would need to create more select scenario's with a higher falloff force which could be hard to do without causing other unwanted things to be possible. This is likely why there hasn't been a fix. Situations where you come up short on a jump where your front end makes it over but your rear end clips slightly in MXS you will get a falloff but in the real world that happens often without issue. Pro's use that technique often in SX to slow themselves down for inside lines.

You can get dialed on a MXS setup with minimal to no changes for different tracks.. You just need to spend time getting to know how your setup reacts and then you will find yourself making smaller changes.

Having the vast amount of settings we do is great, you just need to play with them and learn what they do. Having a good understanding of real suspension helps but some things are different. When setting up your real bike you want to use the full travel of your suspension. In my opinion with MXS suspension you need to have a different outlook and set your compression stiff to absorb flat landings.

I got you but I do think IRL suspension is easier to get dialed.
For my skill level anyways. Once you get to the pace the pros are I'm sure it's different!

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