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Postby bootsie » Mon Dec 23, 2019 6:23 am


JLV please could you add support for control over the 'gloss' amount when importing content for mxs, ideally in texture map form to create more complex materials but even an add on to the current export script to include the slider value would be a dramatic improvement

still using the old version of blender for exporting though the new one is the same - i think gloss is replaced by roughness in 2.8+

Currently when exporting any material with the mirror/metallic checkbox ticked you can add a visible reflection, but with no control over the hardness of this reflection you are very limited in the amount of materials you replicate convicingly. i don't understand shaders too well & i'm not sure if the current shader will support doing it the 'proper' way but adding a blur to the environment reflection based on the 'gloss' slider value would be the most simple version i can think of

this picture shows it well, currently we're limited to the materials with green outline when mirror is unchecked, and the ones outlined in blue when mirror is checked - the only way i have found to mimic roughness is to overlay noise on the normal map but if you do so on a small uv space the reflection is severely distorted


it's explained in depth here, i didn't get too far in but the concept of roughness is the main thing

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Postby DariusP8 » Tue Dec 24, 2019 1:42 am

I mean another way to do it is bump reflections up a shit ton lol

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Postby VUSTTOS » Wed Dec 25, 2019 12:21 am

Any visual update is much needed

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Postby hvpmvp » Thu Sep 17, 2020 5:00 pm

POSTING FOR DANKY this shows what mxs materials are currently like, diffuse/specular colour are obvious, shininess is our specular alpha channel and you can have reflections too but dragging the reflectivity (mirror for blender 2.79) slider only changes the opacity of the environment map and not the hardness of it this shows what we're requesting, the ability to control where the environment reflection is hard/soft (the ability to do it with a grayscale map would be a huge bonus) possibly a link made between the already existing spec alpha channel control and a blur on the environment reflection would work? if it would require a lot of work to find the right scaling for everything to look good like that, would you consider making the link between specular alpha and environment reflection hardness, and then releasing a way for the community to test their own values as a beta so you don't have to dedicate time doing things we as a community are capable of ourselves?

if the ability to blur the reflection is too taxing, would it be possible to link the 'mirror' slider to the specular alpha? this would at least provide creators a way to add environment reflections to some parts but not others without being forced to add extra geometry

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