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Re: UID 11963 & 18401 - Justin Harper & Kyle Hager

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:27 pm
by James Parkin #77
sethiemeboi wrote:
CrossFlow Racing#16 wrote:I cant stand people that hate on other people for playing the game to much, but then hate on them for getting out a riding a bike that may not be considers a good enough bike to them. A bike is a bike, people just might not have the circumstances to go get a shiny new bike.

yeah i had an 06 which i thought was dope! then i got fucking bombed by every 14 year old kid that has 2016's about how its 10 years old and how its so much slower than theirs..

according to a website i visited the 2016 kx250f produced about 40 HP and the 2006 kx 250f produced about 37-38..

sooo.. what was that?

in reality, it dont matter what bike you have in a race. just how fast you can ride it, right?

I've got an '06 yz 125 and a '16 yz250f, both as fun as each other to ride :D