Circle rut billy bobby|Christian Reed|UID: 9202

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Circle rut billy bobby|Christian Reed|UID: 9202

Postby clw1115934 » Mon May 06, 2019 6:27 am

1. A brief description of what they did wrong and the time that it happened. Use /toggletime to see the time.
Circle rut billy bobby (Christian Reed|uid: 9202) is trying to prevent racing on by creating huge circle ruts across sections of the entire track, every race. There's no need to specify a time, they do it the entire demo linked below. I witnessed this in at least 4 races in a row on this server tonight, and it was also happening earlier this week. It seems like you're aware of the other reports, and you (jlv) banned him back in March.
2. A demo of the incident.
3. The numbers of the riders involved. If the rider doesn't have a number, say so.
circle rut billy bobby - rut - 9202 (usually goes by Christian Reed)
Steven Drew | oof_team - 338 - 15693
4. The server where the incident occurred.

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