controller input lag

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controller input lag

Postby Sam_Destroyer » Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:19 pm

Sometimes, when I play mx sim there is this annoying but that does so some of my inputs don't register at all. They are not delayed they just don't happen. Seems to be when pressing two buttons at the same time or when pressing one button very fast like downshifting through many gears quick.

It does not seem to happen with analog buttons like leaning and everything although it did happen once for the throttle that did not engage and I had to completely shut it off and on again. But I think this is part of another issue when pressing a button when the game is frozen for a shrot amount of time, lag spikes and such. That doesn't bother me much though because it is pretty rare.

Back to my original issue, it seems to happen on some days, and some other days it works. Restarting the game does not seem to fix it, if it does, it is very uncommon. I have every most recent drivers installed for my controller and the inputs register well when calibrating it but lags in the game only and only this game. It is a PS4 DS4 controller.

Thanks in advance!
Wicked game btw!

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