Remote Server Setup

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Remote Server Setup

Post by brendenNWmx31 »

I am trying to finish setting up my remote server and I have gotten to the point where I can get the server to run, but I can't seem to connect to the server using the domain or my dedicated IP.

The error shown in the command prompt looks like this:

AF_INET Sending session id 299b702 to slot 0 (password)
sendto: operation not permitted

It then continues trying to send the session, but does not display the error after initial try.

See here:

Not quite sure what the problem is and couldn't find too much info on the web on how to remedy this. Has anyone came across this error before?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Re: Remote Server Setup

Post by jlv »

You're getting a permission error while trying to send packets to the client. It could be your iptables settings or selinux trapping something.

Also, I wouldn't run the server from a web accessible directory. I'm not certain that it could be exploited but it's definitely a risk you don't need to take.
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