Disconnecting from sim servers

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Disconnecting from sim servers

Postby caution » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:57 pm

Seems like every time I'm on a server with more than 250 ping I will eventually after 5-10 minutes of riding get disconnected and everyone will go invis for me and be frozen and I usually go invis but people will still be able to see me moving, have never had this problem with sim and I've been noticing it a lot more since monster cup, where I had the same problem and got disconnected 4 different times, luckily I didn't make the main anyway. I've had the same internet provider and speeds for the whole duration I've been playing sim and never had this problem previously, I could often play with a lot more ping and never had to worry about this. ( like racing in emf with 300+ping) Not too sure what the problem is but I would like to find out with supercross approaching fast this could be a problem for me since I usually get 280+ping on a majority of the racing servers. With that being said I can stay connected to servers like practice.flowtechmxs where I only get 170-200 ping, maybe if could have something to do with one of the snapshot updates? I'm not too sure why it would affect if but nothings changed on my end so struggling to figure out what the problem is. :(

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