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MX Sim Arcade Mode OFF Help

Postby LnDVapor » Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:31 am

I understand this isn’t a game you can pick up and be fast in a day or 2, but I’ve had friends that said they started off not using arcade mode,and comments on YouTube videos say that starting off arcade mode being on was harder than it being off, but I’m finding it is way easier with it being on than off,and every time I turn it off I can’t steer or turn without falling over and my stability is set at 100, if anyone could help that would be great

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Re: MX Sim Arcade Mode OFF Help

Postby 808 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 3:48 am

Arcade mode isn't the true MX Simulator experience. Using arcade mode basically turns the game into a completely different one. The only way to play sim is without it on, plus, I'm pretty sure it's not even allowed in servers. And to add to that, even if you are the best in the world at riding arcade physics, you still aren't even close to as good as an rF novice who runs without arcade physics.

The game is very hard, and it takes alot of time to learn how to rail, but part of the fun is grinding the learning curve until you figure out how to go fast. It's supposed to be realistic, and in real life you can't just throw it like js7 your first week.

Just take some time to practice and learn over the next few weeks or months, and you'll start to get it down.

Side note, don't mess with your stability slider. I suggest just running this advanced stability for now:
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