i need help remembering a track i played years ago

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i need help remembering a track i played years ago

Postby THoagie213 » Mon Aug 05, 2019 5:30 am

back when i first played the game on my buddies computer i played a track that was made before 450s came out and i cant remember the name of i. the track was light dirt and off the track was bright green grass. you start off with the finish line to your right and the first turn was about a 90 degree left into a split section i think it was one side triple triple the other side double triple... that goes into a u turn then a double or triple into a 90 degree left into whoops to another 90 left into a double then u turn to a dragons back or something if im remembering right. thats all i can remember exactly up to that point but i do remember the jump before the last jump being a huge step on step off then right 90 into the finish line. if this rings any bells for anyone please let me know ive been trying to figure out the name of this track so i can play it again for years

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