MX Simulator - ReDesign Concept

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Re: MX Simulator - ReDesign Concept

Postby lars@crossmag » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:17 pm

I'm pretty busy with finishing my website and making graphics for a bigger team in Germany right now and that pretty much consumes all of my freetime. But once that is done I'll continue working on this redesign concept :)

Anyways I'm absolutely blown away by the amazing feedback from you guys! This really makes me push harder and trying to even improve the quality of this even more!

In the last weeks I read a lot about so called "Hybrid-Web-Applications" which make it possible to use your general HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS Code in Windows Applications. They make use of the Google "Chromium" API so it would technically work like a normal website just without having to use your browser and everything being wrapped inside a own windows program/application! Spotify or Tidal use these technologies for instance in their Windows Apps but I don't know if this would work well with a game menu.. I'll have to do some more research but maybe this could be a way to get all of this to life :) If there are some more advanced developers in this community that would maybe like to get this rolling with me, feel free to message me here. Not making any promises tho since it would be a lot of work haha

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