United MXS Looking for Riders

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United MXS Looking for Riders

Postby KieranEvans122 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:39 pm

United MXS Are Looking For Riders!

We have a very unique setup:
We have graphics and skins ready and looking for a few more members
Looking for fast riders we are trying something different and looking to run 2 riders on each brand
Jeremy 2018 Husqvarna: Ashe Deering + Kieran Evans
Jeremy/Andy 17/18 KTM: Jordan Edgington + Andrew Massart
Jeremy 17/18 Honda: Josh Edgington + ???
Honduki: ??? + ???
2018 Suzuki: ??? + ???
We don't have a 2018 Kawasaki model to use at the moment so if you have purchased this then we can run all brands, '???' Is a placement available for new riders.. we run 2018 shift/thor gear with Benjiis fox instincts and fox v3 helmet

Our Husqvarna so far:



Our KTM so far:

The other bikes are unfinished and i will update this post everytime we get a new bike done

Pm me if you are fast and want to join our team
Kieran Evans | DoubleDank

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