MXS Magazine Opinions

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MXS Magazine Opinions

Postby JackGat369 » Thu May 14, 2020 3:30 pm

Hi guys, As you are probably aware by now, MXS magazine is done by Myself and Jason. i have been told by my work that i will be going away for 3 and a half months from the 14th june. Jason will be unable to keep the magazines coming after edition 03 or 04 Unless i can raise enough money to get a laptop or tablet to work with him while i'm away, I'm is willing to do this if you guys like the magazine and want it to continue but if the support is going to die then streaming every day to raise extra funds for a laptop isn't worth it! i ask for your feedback and if you want to help then hop into the stream and show some support that would be sick cause we don't want to stop but we want to hear your guys thoughts before we make a decision!

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