Want an upgrade of your LICENCE ? - Ask for it ONLY HERE

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Joseph Pilsner
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Re: Want an upgrade of your LICENCE ? - Ask for it ONLY HERE

Postby Joseph Pilsner » Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:48 am

Rico118 wrote:
Joseph Pilsner wrote:Account name: Motoson
Real name: Joseph Pilsner
UID: 22937
Actual licence: Amateur
Desired licence: Pro
Explanations: I don't have a pro license yet because I made my emf account very recently and I've been setting some of the fastest quali times. I usually get top 5 in every race so I want more of a challenge and less goons.
Link of your last race on EMF or rF: http://mxsemf.com/xraces.php?page=xresu ... 62&class=2

u can't even win or have the fasted laptime at the tavellabrosracing serie... so why do u want a Pro license lol

Why do I need the fastest time or a win to be moved up? I actually got passed in the second last corner in moto 1 and I got pinned under a lapper in moto 2 while I was leading. Also I can win because in round 9 on blockpound Damon put me in the A class and I won moto 2.

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