2016 EMF Daytona disappointment

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2016 EMF Daytona disappointment

Postby M@xTizZz » Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:46 pm

Since we canceled Daytona's race and a lot of people planned to race tonight, we though about doing something fun.

Here is the Daytona disappointment of 2016 for EMF. Go back to the old europe, in Sweden, for doing some enduro with friends !


Link of the track :
Download it
Original thread
Huge thanks to Melker Simonsson for this beauty.

2 Class :
125cc (only 125cc, all licences allowed)
Open (all bikes all licences allowed)

Format :
Top 40 qualify to night show (we'll add people if we are not full)
1 Moto (45mn + 1lap) by class

Race shedule :
Race server : EMFRacing.mxsim.fr:19800
9pm : End of qualification
9:05pm : UID Grab
9:10pm : 125cc race
9:50pm : Open race

Qualifying servers :

EMF rules are applying, we'll not take protests, just try to be smart on this tight track
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Re: 2016 EMF Daytona disappointment

Postby mx201 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 9:41 pm

insane race I got 11th and couldn't be more happy
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