2016 EMF Retro SX Prep series (Rd4 link available)

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Re: 2016 EMF Retro SX Prep series (Rd4 link available)

Postby mx201 » Fri Dec 16, 2016 7:06 am

M@xTizZz wrote:Mads was banned for the 2015 sx season.
don't really know if we saw him during GP but if so he didn't do anything wrong.
Then again he's back at sx & at doing shit on the track.
We'll discuss about him with other admins and surely take big decision.

to reply to Logan and Mack, well, since years, people are saying rF is more clean than EMF, i've raced both at an high level (surely more than you 2 together), i maybe not raced a lot rF this year but still some and i raced it alot in the past anyway. I really don't think it's more clean on rF, when you are battleling for top 10/15 it's the same shit, can be rF EMF Lobby or MXSCentral in the past. I have never seen a clean race since we hosted races on mx-online.fr

Last year we were kicking people really easy during races, it was not good, EMF was corrupt, Bruno and i were nazis (yeah some guys called us nazis , like "you french you allowed nazis during ww2 so you're nazi....")
This year we are more soft on guys and then again "EMF is shit"
And the most funny thing about this whole story is we rarely have protests to review.
So i don't know you guys should teach us how to see everything during a race, maybe you have a secret like bionic eyes, eagle vision or 22 different screens ?

I have no problem with emf I'm just saying I race pro also in rf have been in some top 20 battles and I get raced way cleaner there then in emf pro. I enjoy emf all I said is I think ppl race dirtier in emf but anyways bring on sx
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Re: 2016 EMF Retro SX Prep series (Rd4 link available)

Postby SKlein » Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:58 pm

VUSTTOS wrote:RF tracks are built for people who spends lot of time on this video game. RF SX ones are really difficult for the 75% of people who play this game.

This doesn't happen in the RF track bc as I said before, they are built only for pros.

I understand that the very skillers gamers wants difficult tracks if they are used to the RF ones but at the same time you have to think that there are more amateurs than pros.

There may be more amateurs, but I think the replica/to scale structure they've had with tracks is exactly what they are aiming for. If their goal is to accurately portray the real series then it makes sense to build tracks that, like real life, wouldn't be easy for amateurs to ride.

I can understand your argument though. I haven't personally been able to race EMF due to time zone differences, but they do seem more beginner friendly which is a nice alternative to have.

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