RithMX recruting for mxgp EMF

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RithMX recruting for mxgp EMF

Postby alex521 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:56 pm

We are looking for guys who can finnish in the top in the mxgp for emf

We will run thor with ,Kawi
pleas pm the follow to me

Race #:
Best rF/EMF finish:
Favorite team:
Favorite mxs rider:
Where you see yourself in the community one year from now:
Any additional talents? Screenshots, modeling, graphics/gear/etc:

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Re: RithMX recruting for mxgp EMF

Postby sethmx234 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:51 am

NAME: seth nicholson
Best rf or MXGP finish:top ten in a couple rf am nationals, millville and hangtown are ones im certain of and possibly utah? think i was just outside
Any valuable skills:23 years old so not a child lmao not a dickhead.. finally moved to a base(in the army) where i have good internet and more time to put in towards the game, been playing casually for a few years and just never had the time. always wanted to get competitive. just started playing again after almost a year of ranger school, and sf selection. i realize most of this yall dont care about but just some background. hopefully i can get pretty good at skinning because its something ive always wanted to do
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