MX vs ATV Foggy Ridge Replica: INPUT NEEDED

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MX vs ATV Foggy Ridge Replica: INPUT NEEDED

Postby blaster70 » Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:01 am


I knew I wasn't going to have this done in time for Christmas, so I thought I'd let you guys try out what I have done so far. Haven't had much time to work on this, but now that I have, I realized that my scale seems weird compared to the previous two replicas I've already done. It just felt too small, so after I got most of the terrain close to where it needs to be, I made a second track with a scale .2 times bigger in the terrain.hf file. Keep in mind this is no where near done. I can't move on until I decide which track to take further :(. There are two tracks in the download: "blahblahblah-FoggyRidge" and "blahblahblah-FoggyRidge2". The one with the 2 at the end is the larger scaled track and shows up ingame as "(scale)". the other shows up as what the folder name is

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