PMS 2011 AX/SX Series

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PMS 2011 AX/SX Series

Postby Phathry25 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:22 am

This post is the same as the PM I sent out yesterday.

Hey everybody,

This post is just to let you all know what is planned for the coming months, at least as far as PMS racing goes. In two weeks we'll make the transition over to AX/SX starting off by running the six round Jack in the Box AX series using the tracks checkerz created last year. I'm thinking 16 riders, 25 lap main events, and 10 lap heats. This is totally up for discussion though. With lap times as low at 25s I don't see 20 riders on the track at once going over well. Also, as I mentioned two weeks ago, we're all going to be running the 2006 YZ250F SE bike for this series.

What I need from everyone wanting to participate is to send me the PNG file for your skin. I will then compile a SAF file with all the required files so you will be riding your customary models and skins, just with the poochy powerband. Since this will be all custom feel free to skin numbers onto your bikes, as I can include models w/o the plates on them so the game numbers won't show over yours. I don't need each individual person to send me the skins, just to make sure I have a skin for each rider. Obviously Brina will send me the entire Whipstyle lineup etc... I suppose I'll do the stock skin for each bike for the privateers out there, unless of course they submit a skin. If you can't gain access to the PNG file of the particular bike you'd like, include a link to the download and I can. This is only if you cannot get it on your own.

If anyone wants to ride a 125 you'll be limited to the CR125.

I'm open to suggestions for the race format, however I'd like to get something consistent going versus jumping around every week. Like I said above 10 lap heats, and 25 lap mains. Or maybe every other week two 15 lap mains? This is of course assuming we can get enough people to show up that we need heats.

Speaking of that, what can I do to get more people to show up? Bad time? Bad day? Did I pick the 40 busiest MXS racers? Do I dare abandon the private part of PMS? I know for my own sanity that's not wise choice, lol.

Discuss. Please, I'm practically begging here. 8)

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