2019 Redbull Tld Lawson Dye #188

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Re: 2019 Redbull Tld Lawson Dye #188

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DBRider251 wrote:
JamesLayle721 wrote:this guy is stupid, he just joined and posted without knowing how to put pictures or links, or he just didnt make a bike and wants to act cool.
What you need to do is refrain from calling people stupid, and help them out instead. Nothing is worse than killing off newcomers because of arrogance. You’re still new. How would you feel if someone came on that new post of yours and said “Wow, you’re stupid for posting something without screenshots. No ones going to download it because you’re new and don’t have a reputation you idiot.”

Just don’t be that guy.
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Re: 2019 Redbull Tld Lawson Dye #188

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Rojo wrote:Hello, This is my first bike i have made I thought i would post it so here it is. Any Tips would be greatly Taken Thanks :D
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