2022 Thor Sector gear

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2022 Thor Sector gear

Post by Phantomz »


Hey guys, today I'm presenting my version of the 2022 Thor Sector gear. After some procrastination, I got it most of the way done. I say most of the way done because there is still one colorway I gotta make. I'll explain that in a second.

This pack includes 3 designs so far

-Chev (5 colorways)-
-Minimal (3 colorways-
-Birdrock (2 colorways)-

If you guys buy the PSD, you guys will be getting a 4th design later because I just could not get it finished in time

If you guys would like the purchase the PSD, DM on Discord @ Lancer#8236

Have fun!

Download Link
https://www.mediafire.com/file/65nkg72 ... F.saf/file
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Re: 2022 Thor Sector gear

Post by EthanBrown »

yewwwww the 1st sets fye :D
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Re: 2022 Thor Sector gear

Post by brock69 »

what bike is that if you dont mind me asking
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