2022 Thor MX Collection by Neal

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2022 Thor MX Collection by Neal

Post by WellsMX524 »

2022 Thor MX Collection - Prime and Pulse

Hey everyone! I present to you today the entire 2022 Thor MX Prime and Pulse collection. This includes all of the colorways and lines of Prime and Pulse, even the Theory and Counting Sheep sets! I've put a lot of hard work into these sets of gear and I think they're my best yet.
Here is what you'll find inside of the public SAF:

2022 Thor Prime - Status, Theory and Hero
2022 Thor Pulse - Counting Sheep, React and Cube

Prime Status
Prime Theory
Pulse React Navy
Prime Counting Sheep Black/Red



If you are interested in purchasing the PSD of this gear, please PM me on DISCORD @ Neal#2464 - PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ON THE FORUMS, AS I DO NOT CHECK THEM OFTEN
This is for the JRE v2 Rider Model.
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Re: 2022 Thor MX Collection by Neal

Post by JettWisdom »

so dope
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Re: 2022 Thor MX Collection by Neal

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this barks mens
Image <-- Discord

Image <-- payson is big brain
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