MotoOption TC Entry - Island Meadow

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MotoOption TC Entry - Island Meadow

Postby checkerz » Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:55 am

Track Name: Island Meadow
Track Picture:
Track Description:
Island Meadow is a track on an island. Its surrounded by water and just water.
One day you and your buddy drove with your boat to catch some fish. After hours of searching you only got a small amount and wanted to go back to home. When you went back you saw an island and you wanted to go there to look around. When you arrived there, the first thing that you thought was, wouldn't it be sick to have a motocross track here?! And so it all started. After years of working with a bucket and shovel you finaly got what you wanted. When you want to ride on the track, you call your buddy, and go to the island. Your buddy doesn't like motocross that much so he turns back to home and leaves you on the track without boat. You gotta be sure he picks you up later that day though!
The theme of this track is that it's a cold windy start of the day, later that day the clouds dissapear and its a nice sunny day to ride! I tried something new that I haven't seen before. You need to ride at least 5 laps to get the real experience and after that you'll be able to judge.

Shadow - mud traction + Converting tree models/billboards from to Mx Simulator
DJ99X - Ontrack/Offtrack traction
Häggqvist - Haybale model/skin + SkyTemplate
I'm not sure who made the water for Millville because I couldn't find it. I GUESS it was Checkerz or DJ99X (sorry for this).
I didn't ask anyone from the above people to make models/skins/traction or anything else for me. All the stuff I got from them were released for public use.

I've tested this track meanly on a 450. I've tried it on a 125 too and once you get used to it on this track it's very fun to ride on. For the first race I'll choose a 450 so you can clear some jumps easier.

Track Map:


checkerz wrote:Score - Category
5 - Fun Factor (0-15)
I think this track had some ingredients to be fun, but everything just didn't come together. First off, it feels like you bit off more than you can chew. The layout was definitely on the long side for me, and it appeared it was too long to really build exciting sections for you. Also, the way that the track path is cut into the terrain, it got rid of a lot of the cool more abrupt elevations that would've been fun to hit. Combine that with the corners not being really "dished out" like sand generally gets allowing you to really rail, it just felt like a wide fast enduro... without logs or rocks. I will say, a 40 man race here might be fun for a short while. The traction isn't terrible and a couple sections have a glimpse of genius...but they are short lived and back to the same old, same old for a few more corners and straights.

3 - Environment (0-10)
I can jive with the sandy island concept, and the bit where you dip into the water was cool, but that's where it stops for me. The super elevated start, sharp sand cliffs, trees but no shrubs or grass took me for a ride straight out of Believableland.

6 - Creativity and realism (0-10)
Beyond the environment comments, which I wont' double penalize points for, the track is fairly believable and realistic and you tried to be creative with the island concept.

Comments to the creator:
Many times less is more. I would have rather seen a shorter track on a smaller island with more focused fun sections. Sand digs in, doesn't build up, and corners are usually dished out even without equipment touching them, just from time being ridden on. The track was overly smooth for sand, and just didn't stackup to many of the top tracks in this contest.

14 - Total points

yzmxer608 wrote:Score - Category
7 - Fun Factor (0-15)
Some of the sections are fun (the roller section, some of the off cambers) but the large scale of the track and how long it was some sections felt way too long, flat and just drawn out.

4 - Environment (0-10)
For a sand track on an island without easy travel I was expecting a very rough smaller track (the laptimes are too long imo, especially for a track just built by a couple buddies). that formed natural berms from not being groomed in forever. It just seemed like for the scale of the track and how flat it was it didn't fit the description of the theme you were going for. Not to mention how long it had to take to form the start gate platform!

The roughness you do have is a small square edge rough that I wouldn't expect to find on a sand track, I was really looking forward to long sections of just huge sand rollers and nice bug berms and ruts to lay into. The way the ocean plane object is placed I first thought something was wrong with your skybox the way it cuts in like that, also the env image you used has a tree in it which makes it look like there are huge trees floating out in the distance. I think if you had a different env image and a repeated texture on the plane with some sort of a normal map the water would have looked a lot better.

5 - Creativity and realism (0-10)
A creative theme but it wasn't executed very well imo. Natural erosion of the track in the form of berms and huge roller sections from riding on a shorter, tighter track would have been ideal.

Comments to the creator:
You had the right idea for a really cool track, but it came out as lap times that are too long and doesn't fit the description of a sand track.

16 - Total points

Pumaxcs wrote:Score - Category
11 - Fun Factor (0-15)
I honestly enjoyed this track for the most part. This is a fun racing track because its wide and give you alot of options. However I feel like some of it just not as good as it was intended. One jump had a really awkward shape, the table single in the back, and I could not for the life of me figure out what/how/where/ to hit it and the giant rollers were just to much so instead of flowing over the tops you would slam the faces. I would have like to see more roughness everywhere, turns, straights, and jumps. This is a supposed abandon sand track that has never seen maintenance yet everything is smooth and it has ruts. These things naturally happen to a sand track and I really wanted atleast more than a set of man made rollers. Also, the track laptimes were just way to long. I think bringing the scale of the island down a touch and not using every inch possible of the map for a track would have improved this because 3.5 minutes plus is just to much.

5 - Environment (0-10)
This track is on a island, a grey and gloomy island but with bright green leafy trees. How did those get there? The track is clearly made with Ps and there wasn't any attempt to hide the shaping done and you have strong cliffs next to the track edges and for a track out on an island it sure looks like there were alot of dozers at one point. I really feel like there was alot more you could have done to sell me on an island but you just lacked the resources to try and put together a strong appearance in game.

6- Creativity and realism (0-10)
Track an an island is creative. I am really undecided on the scale as I don't see much of a unrealistic scale except for the size of the island and elevation. There were sections that were creative and interesting so I did like the track and what you tried to do.

Comments to the creator:
Take our criticism and try something similar. I really like how you went about and made the sand track but i think if you did some more track work after the layout is complete it could be a fantastic showing on what a sand track could be like.

22 - Total points

Phathry25 wrote:Score - Category
9 - Fun Factor (0-15)
This track was fairly fun, but didn't really offer much besides some corner and a few flat jumps. The traction was very good and made railing the corners a blast.

4 - Environment (0-10)
Not much to it, and what is there isn't believable. Giving a score boost for the changing sykbox. Nice touch. Decals don't offer any variety, and the sandy island rises several hundred feet out of the ocean in such a small area. The track is built up in some areas and that just makes no sense.

4 - Creativity and realism (0-10)
It's a creative theme, but wasn't pulled off very well. The layout was too long, and running 5 laps to see the sky change was a chore.

Comments to the creator:
I'd really like to see you take another crack at this theme. But first go play an arcade racer that has an island themed track for inspiration. Not much elevation change, sandy beaches splashing through the ocean WFO, and thick jungle with muddy corners and jumps through the trees inland and this track would have been a hit. Seriously.

17 - Total points

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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Island Meadow

Postby Sandhapper » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:27 pm

Thanks for the critism everyone. I know the track is way too long, but I didn't had much time to change it anymore. As far as the other stuff I agree. I'll work on another track as soon as I've time and that one will be a lot better. Thanks again!
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Island Meadow

Postby dani22 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:17 pm

Well, i rode a couple of laps this track, it was quite long yes, but it felt such a fun sandy track. I had fun on some of the straighs leaning backwards and going 1 wheel on those bumps.
Also some up/downhills were fun to ride.
This track and calippo, are the ones that i most like for the moment! Great work for not being a known "trackbuilder" ;) or maybe yes but just i didn't know hahah

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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Island Meadow

Postby MinnesotaMX » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:49 pm

Wasn't the bigest fan of this one, it was kind of boring in my eyes. The jumps were "different", would be the best way to put it I guess. The sandy-ish traction was fun though, I did enjoy that part.
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